Ryan Dean is a violent bigot, racist, homophobe, and misogynist. He has been convicted of domestic violence twice. His group the Clann gained notoriety for harassing a mosque during its Friday prayer service.

He is frequently being investigated by the Hate Crimes Unit, most recently for targeting an LGBTQ-friendly gym. Ryan likes to pretend to be a journalist, and lately he has been harrassing anyone who he believes to be "ANTIFA" under the guise of his fake journalistic outfit, Patriot Pride Canada Wide (PPCW). He has "re-branded" his fake journalism outlet a few times (Defend Canada, etc) and is currently calling himself Alberta's Outlaw'd Media.

Ryan currently lives in Edmonton. He frequently visits Whyte Ave to harass the employees of businesses that have banned him and his hate group. If you encounter him, do not approach or engage. He has become increasingly delusional over the last year, and he now believes that everyone who disagrees with him is a terrorist who is involved in a global conspiracy.

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